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Wedding Table Arrangement

DecoBloom Boutique: Radiant Hues of Silk Floral Elegance for Enchanting Barn Weddings"

At DecoBloom Boutique, we cherish the unique allure of barn weddings and the desire to infuse them with soft, radiant atmospheres.


In this blog, we'll delve into the world of our exquisite silk floral arrangements, featuring a palette of soft whites, pinks, greens, reds, burgundy, and an array of warming hues. Discover how these colours can elevate every facet of your barn wedding, from table pieces to top tables, garlands, and arches.

Embracing a Rich Palette of Colours
Silk flowers allow us to embrace a rich and diverse palette of colors, ensuring that every element of your barn wedding reflects your unique style. From soft whites and romantic pinks to vibrant greens, deep reds, and burgundy, our arrangements also incorporate warming tones like sun-kissed yellows, rustic oranges, and golden hues. This blend captures the rustic allure of barn venues, infusing warmth and radiance into your celebration.

Table Pieces - Small and Large
DecoBloom Boutique offers a range of silk floral table pieces, from subtle, smaller arrangements to statement-making larger centerpieces. Picture delicate white and blush blooms with pops of warming oranges and golden accents, nestled amidst lush greenery for an intimate feel. Alternatively, envision bolder reds and burgundy and by sun-kissed yellows, creating a dramatic impact that emanates warmth.

Top Tables - Where Elegance Takes Center Stage
The top table, where the newlyweds take center stage, is adorned with silk floral elegance in radiant hues. Imagine a profusion of soft pinks, whites, and greens interwoven with warming tones, creating a romantic focal point that complements the joyous celebration of love.

Garlands - Weaving Nature's Tapestry
Silk floral garlands offer a captivating way to weave nature's tapestry along the aisle and tables throughout your barn wedding. Envision garlands featuring a mix of whites, pinks, greens, and warming tones, adding an enchanting touch to the rustic setting. The interplay of colors creates a visual symphony that resonates with the warmth of your celebration.

Arches - Framing Moments in Blooms
Charming archways at barn weddings come to life with our silk floral arches, framed in hues that evoke the changing seasons. From soft whites and greens to deeper reds and burgundy or with warming yellows and oranges, our arches create a picturesque backdrop for your vows, mirroring the beauty of nature's palette.


As you envision your barn wedding, let DecoBloom Boutique be your guide in painting a canvas of silk floral elegance. With a palette that spans soft whites, pinks, greens, reds, burgundy, and an array of warming hues, our arrangements enhance the rustic romance of your celebration.


Contact DecoBloom Boutique today, and let us bring the magic of colour and blooms to every corner of your barn wedding, creating memories that radiate warmth and last a lifetime.

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