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Mirror Base with glass pillars

Elevate your table with our enchanting Mirror Base and Glass Pillars centrepiece, adorned with flickering candles and glistening crystal gems.


The mirrored base reflects the warm glow of candles on elegant glass pillars, creating a captivating ambiance.


Choose from a variety of rose colours to personalize this centrepiece, making it the perfect addition to weddings,

celebrations, or any special occasion.


With the added touch of crystal gems, this arrangement becomes a truly timeless and enchanting display, sure to mesmerize your guests


Mirror base, Fish Bowl & Floating Candles

Create an enchanting atmosphere with our Mirror Base and Fish Bowl Shaped Vase centrepiece.

The elegant fish bowl vase, atop a stunning mirror base, features floating candles that cast a warm glow.

Personalise with a choice of rose colours and sophistication with crystal gems at the vase's bottom.


Perfect for weddings and celebrations, this centrepiece is a captivating blend of refined beauty and memorable elegance.



White & Gold brush Lanterns

Illuminate your event with the timeless elegance of our White and Brushed Gold Lanterns – perfect for centrepieces or aisle décor.


These lanterns add a warm, inviting glow, creating a romantic ambiance for your special day.


Crafted in classic white and brushed gold, they seamlessly blend sophistication with simplicity.


Enhance the enchantment by surrounding the lanterns with lush greenery and matching florals, creating a visually stunning atmosphere that complements your theme beautifully.


Bring refined charm to your celebration with our White and Brushed Gold Lanterns, where soft glow and botanical accents come together for an enchanting experience.


Wooden logs with florals and candles

Elevate your table with our Wooden Log Slice Centrepiece, a rustic yet elegant blend of nature-inspired charm and refined beauty.


The log slice hosts flickering candles, creating an intimate ambiance, while lush greenery weaves around, adding freshness.


At the centre, a vase holds carefully selected silk flowers that match your dream vision, turning this woodland-inspired masterpiece into a canvas for your floral dreams.


Immerse your guests in the enchantment of a dreamy forest setting, where natural textures, soft candlelight, and silk flowers converge for an extraordinary table experience.



Fish bowl vase with a candle & Crystals

Illuminate your wedding with the enchanting brilliance of our Fish Bowl Centrepiece.


A stylish, clear vase adorned with crystals cradles a flickering candle, casting a warm glow that captivates the room.


Choose from an array of coloured florals to customize this centrepiece to match your vision perfectly.


This elegant arrangement effortlessly combines the sparkle of crystals, the soft ambiance of candlelight, and the vibrancy of your chosen florals, creating a captivating focal point that adds a touch of magic to your celebration


White Rose, &  Gypsophila

Elevate your wedding table with timeless sophistication using our White Rose, Gypsophila, and Greenery Centrepiece.


This exquisite arrangement combines the purity of white roses, the delicate charm of gypsophila, and lush greenery to create a picture-perfect focal point.


The elegant harmony of these elements ensures a timeless and romantic atmosphere, casting a spell of natural beauty over your celebration.


Let this centrepiece be the heart of your table, embodying the essence of elegance and grace for a truly memorable wedding day.



Rustic Elegance

Embrace rustic elegance with our Wooden Log Slice Centrepiece.


A glass pillar vase on the wooden slice holds flickering candles, surrounded by lush greenery.


At the heart, a vase with flowers matching your dream vision becomes a captivating focal point.

This centrepiece effortlessly blends the warmth of candles, the vibrancy of florals, and the earthy charm of wood, creating a visually stunning tableau for your celebration.


Silver Lantern with a fusion of pink & white roses

Brighten up your surroundings with the radiant glow of our silver lantern, adorned with delicate fairy lights.

Encased within an enchanting arrangement of pink and white flowers, complemented by lush greenery, it creates a perfect fusion of charm and enchantment.


Illuminate your space with this captivating piece that adds a touch of magic to any setting.


red rose.jpg


Introducing our captivating Red Rose Centrepiece, a timeless expression of romance and sophistication that sits proudly at the centre of your table, flush with elegance and grace.

At the heart of this centrepiece lies a stunning arrangement of deep crimson red roses, their velvety petals unfurling in a mesmerizing display of passion and beauty.


Each bloom exudes an air of timeless allure, evoking feelings of love and admiration with every glance.

Nestled snugly on the table, the centrepiece creates an intimate focal point, drawing guests in with its captivating presence.


The rich red hues of the roses contrast beautifully against the pristine white of the tablecloth, creating a striking visual impact that commands attention.

As the centrepiece sits flush on the table, it allows for effortless conversation and connection among guests, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie. 



A rustic-chic centrepiece: a polished tree log slice hosts three glass pillar candle holders, each with ivory candles casting a warm glow.


Surrounding them, a choice of coloured florals spills elegantly, adding vibrancy.


This tableau blends natural wood, flickering candlelight, and lively blooms for a captivating focal point, perfect for any gathering.



Black Lantern 
Autumn Colour Floral surround

Imagine a striking black lantern surrounded by a vibrant display of autumn colors. Reds, oranges, and pale peaches mingle with leaves, encircling the lantern in a captivating floral arrangement.

It’s a stunning centrepiece that brings warmth and elegance to any space, evoking the cosy ambiance of fall.


Gold Vase 

White and soft pink floral

Envision a radiant gold vase, gleaming with opulence and sophistication. Within it, a delicate arrangement of white and soft pink florals graces the surroundings.


Each blossom exudes purity and grace, while the gentle hues create a sense of tranquillity and serenity.


This captivating display brings an air of elegance and refinement to any setting, casting a radiant glow that enchants all who behold it.



2 Large & 2 Small Floral vase

Step into a world of floral elegance with our collection of two large and two small vases, awaiting your personal touch in any colour imaginable.


Let your creativity bloom as you bring your vision to life with these versatile and inviting pieces.


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